Oct 2016 Meeting Summary

Continuous Integration and Crawling for Performance Vigilance
Appian software is used by businesses to run their businesses. It must be performant. With thousands of changes to the baseline every day, how do we maintain performance rigor over the entire product to identify latency inflections as they are introduced? This talk will discuss a Jmeter/Jenkins/Cloud based framework that combines the ideas of continuous integration and web crawling to provide a daily performance trend analysis that has proven to provide daily actionable insight into Appian latency degradations

Presenter: John Tisaranni, Appian
John is the Director of Quality Engineering at Appian and has spent his career helping organizations deliver great software. He has 25 years of industry experience in the Washington DC area developing everything from Defense Intelligence Systems to Supply Chain Applications to Online Weather and University infrastructure to Enterprise Software. Along the way John has always taken a hands-on role in the development of software that tests software including GUI testing frameworks, automated comparative regression frameworks and a lightning generator

Meeting took place on: Tuesday Oct 11 2016 at Lithespeed, Herndon, VA
Attendance: 10

Meeting Notes:

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