February 2014 Monthly Meeting Summary

DataGenerator - Presentation by Nil Weerasinghe, Bryan Robbins, and Mohamed Ibrahim, FINRA
DataGenerator is a new open source testing tool developed at FINRA that enables users to produce highly customizable and dynamically calculated test expectations, data or scripts, from specification and dependency models using templates. In an agile software development environment, modifications to the specification input and output templates are all that is required to re-generate tests. Although user models are currently required to be Visio files, work is under way to eliminate this requirement.

Presenter Bios: Nil Weerasinghe is a Technology Practice Manager at FINRA; his areas of interest include software architecture, software development, software security and most importantly, software quality. Bryan Robbins works at FINRA as a Software Developer, focusing on test automation and tools. Mohamed Ibrahim works at FINRA as a Lead Software Developer with interests in big data, machine vision, and image processing.

Meeting took place on: Wed. February 12 2014 6:30 PM

Attendance: 20

Meeting Notes:

Two ways to describe and generate datasets:

  • Equivalence Classes + Combinations ->Datagenerator uses equivalence classes from DataSpec to populate Pairwise combination datasets, from Excel parameter definitions at present
  • Dependency Model + Graph Coverage -> DataGenerator uses annotations from graphical model to populate All Paths datasets, primarily from Visio models at present
  • Both use Apache Velocity to generate output from templates

Other notes:

  • There are plans to replace requirements for Visio models with SCXML. and other improvements are also described in the powerpoint slides.
  • DataGenerator project on GitHub: http://finraos.github.io/DataGenerator

Presentation powerpoint slide file: novataig_02_2014_DataGenerator_Finra.pptx (0.7 MB).

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