May 2013 Monthly Meeting Summary

Managing Test Automation - Managing Yourself/Your Team- Presentation by Rick Hower

While many of us are focused on automation tools & technologies, it's often helpful to step back and think about how we can maximize the usefulness of our automation for our stakeholders. It can be helpful to consider the 'management' perspective of our automation work, whether or not we are officially 'managers'.
* How do you make sure your test automation is focused on meeting business/stakeholder needs?
* How will you (and others) know if your automation is 'successful'; what does 'success' mean in your context?
* What considerations should go into test automation design?
* Will there be only 'happy path automation' or something beyond that? How do you determine what to automate and prioritize?

Presenter Bio: Rick has nineteen years innovative experience in consulting, lead, & management roles in Software Testing, Test Automation, Process Improvement, Metrics, and Software Development, related to finance, telecommunications, healthcare, wireless engineering, transaction processing, supply chain, ERP, federal government, data warehouse, and other projects. Additionally, he has presented at many conferences and workshops in the U.S. and Europe, on technical automation topics as well as management-related topics, and is the author and maintainer of the software testing web site, a resource for more than 6 million worldwide site visitors since 1996.

Took place on: Wed. May 22 2013 6:30 PM

Attendance: 13

Meeting Notes:

Although there was a presentation at this meeting, there was much discussion concerning the various sub-topics covered in the presentation. Some discussion points were:

A link to a PDF of the presentation is provided here (0.5 MB file size).

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