March 2011 Monthly Meeting Summary

5 Ways to Do More Performance Testing in Less Time - Presentation by James Pulley of Newcoe Performance Engineering and Steve Sturtevant of OC Systems

Performance testing often bears the brunt of budget and schedule pressures. It can be particularly challenging when managers who do not understand the discipline dismiss performance as a “non-functional” requirement. This session provided strategies for addressing the challenges test teams face – leveraging work developers and functional testers are already doing to help you get performance testing started earlier, do more testing in less time, and increase software performance quality under tight budget and schedule constraints. Discussion included the following strategies, and then how they were successfully implemented in a multi-billion dollar enterprise application.

  • Measure twice, test once - leveraging development & integration test cases to find performance defects.
  • Accountability is king - getting developers to buy into performance.
  • Functional testing is another opportunity for performance smoke testing.
  • Don't just test, diagnose - in today’s world testers must go beyond pass/fail to give developers the context they need to solve problems in a shorter time period.
  • Don't forget about your data - why test data integrity may be the single most important aspect of performance testing.
James Pulley is the CTO for Newcoe Performance Engineering, as well as Newcoe’s sister organizations, The ScriptFarm and LoadRunner By The Hour. Previously, James managed the professional services delivery for PowerTest, founded iTest Solutions and worked for Mercury Interactive’s PSO & Sales organizations, Gigalabs, NetIQ, Banyan Systems and Microsoft. His background includes roles in both sales and professional services delivery, with technical concentrations on OS and application architectures, network and application infrastructure performance. He is a moderator for several professional forums related to performance testing and tuning (with respect to Mercury/HP tools) and the cloud-computing forum on SQAForums.

Steve Sturtevant is a consultant working on the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) program at U.S. Customs & Border Protection where his focus has been providing performance engineering and testing services across the software lifecycle. He is employed as a Senior Software & Performance Engineer by OC Systems, as well as Product Manager for the OC Systems RTI product - - which delivers software performance diagnostics for J2EE systems. Prior to ACE, Steve worked as a performance engineer for several large DoD programs as well as a developer working on real-time systems.

Took place on: Wed. March 9 2011 6:30 PM

Attendance: 28

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