September 2010 Monthly Meeting Summary

Java testing with Arquillian - presentation by Dan Allen

Arquillian is a container-oriented test framework that brings your test to the runtime, rather than requiring you to manage the runtime from the test. Arquillian keeps you focused on the test case, while still being able to utilize the services provided by the container. This talk will provide an appreciation for the productivity and coverage gained by having a component model for testing, and will explore:
* What makes us most productive?
* What is a component model, and how does it help?
* Is there a component model for testing?

Presenter bio: Dan is a Principle Software Engineer at JBoss, by Red Hat, and a speaker at major industry conferences. His technical expertise includes Java frameworks, testing frameworks (Arquillian, JUnit, TestNG, Selenium), and much more. Dan is a dedicated Open Source and Linux advocate.

Took place on: Wed. September 8 2010 6:30 PM

Attendance: 23

Meeting Notes:

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