March 2010 Monthly Meeting Summary

This meeting was a roundtable discussion facilitated by Jim Moore and Rick Hower
Potential discussion topics were:
  • This was a follow-on to the February discussion of Test Automation Architecture
  • What are the key considerations in test automation design?
  • What makes a 'good' design?
  • How is it similar or different from design for any other kind of software project?

Took place on: Wed. March 3 2010 6:30 PM

Attendance: 13

Meeting Notes:

Discussion of the components of design included:
  • Goals
  • Abstractions
  • Automation processing layers
  • Naming conventions
  • Test run control mechanisms
  • Test management platform
  • Data sources
  • Data repositories
  • Hanlding changes to SUT
  • Data-driven vs script-driven
  • Identify sources of fragility
  • Reporting formats, destinations
  • Dependencies
  • Tools
  • Hardware details
  • Security issues and mitigations
  • Data privacy issues
  • Test creation issues
  • Test patterns
  • Test execution mechanisms: batch - selection; single - scheduling; aggregation
  • Discussion of any SUT code hooks needed and issues

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