February 2010 Monthly Meeting Summary

This meeting was a roundtable discussion facilitated by Rick Hower and Jim Moore
  • What does the term 'architecture' mean in the context of test automation?
  • What are the important considerations in developing a test automation architecture?
  • How is it similar or different from architecture for any other kind of software project?
  • What's the best approach to coming up with a test automation architecture?
  • Is 'architecture' relevant in an agile environment?

Took place on: Wed. February 3 2010 6:30 PM

Attendance: 11

Meeting Notes:

Notes from the initial discussion among attendees of the meaning of 'architecture' in the context of test automation:

Notes from attendees' discussion of considerations in developing a test automation architecture:
  • Focus is testing - so architecture considerations include certain things like a machine-based unambiguous determinant of pass-fail results
  • Learning curve: adaptability of the architecture to expanding automation or adapting to SUT changes; issue of how much adaptability (same type of tradeoff decision for all kinds of software architectures); scalability
  • Context - budget, management maturity and understanding of of automation issues; how much reuse expected over time and on other projects; expected lifetime; skills available in team or organization; SUT maturity and stability; team size and skills
  • What aspects of testing to automate
  • What aspects of the SUT's functionality should be the target of test automation
  • How much work will be needed, and resources available for, keeping automation code/tests up to date
  • How to track what is not automated
  • Stakeholders/customers/users of the autaomted tool(s) and their needs/expectations such as reporting, logging, etc
  • Is testing/verification of the automation needed?
  • Constraints like open source, or a requirement to use a particular tool or scripting language, etc.

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