December 2009 Monthly Meeting Summary

Roundtable on Automation Tool Experience Reports
This meeting was a roundtable discussion on past or current personal experiences with particular test automation tools. We discussed:
* Specific tools and their attributes, such as kind of tool (load, web, etc), open source or COTS, cost, etc
* Experience with the tool and context (type of project, etc)
* Tool pros and cons
* Tool tips and tricks
* Etc.

Took place on: Wed. December 2 2009 6:30 PM

Attendance: 9

Meeting Notes:
Many of those present had developed custom tools/programs/utilities for test automation using Unix shell scripting, Perl, Java, Ruby, VBScript, Python, etc. However this meeting was focused on experiences with Open Source or COTS tools, as opposed to custom proprietary tools

Among the tools mentioned by those at the meeting, along with participants' comments, were:

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