August 2009 Monthly Meeting Summary

Choosing a Test Automation Tool
This meeting was primarily a roundtable discussion covering issues that are typically encountered in selecting a test automation tool; Bill Mosteller of Eloqua Inc. provided some initial focus to the discussion with a short presentation on his experience with the Selenium vs Watir selection process. Discussion included such topics as:
* Open Source or COTS?
* Roll your own?
* Programming/scripting language considerations
* Support considerations
* Differing perspectives – mgmt, engineering, etc.
* Other topics

Took place on: Wed. August 5 2009 6:30 PM

Attendance: 11

Meeting Notes:
Bill Mosteller provided a 20 minute presentation on his experience with evaluating Selenium vs. Watir for use in web testing projects. Some of their initial considerations included Multi Language Support (non-ascii characters), Docs , Maturity, Frames, Learning Curve, Existing team knowledge, Price/License, Community. They spent some time trying out both tools on early versions of their app or other web apps. They found that research skills were important for using open source tools since info/documentation can be dispersed.

     Bill's powerpoint file re evaluating Selenium vs Watir

There was much discussion during and following the presentation, and a list of things to consider in choosing a test automation tool was developed during the meeting, which is as follows:

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