May 2009 Monthly Meeting Summary

Topic: Unit Testing and Test Automation - Presentation by Jim Moore, CTO at Class Five Inc.

Topic description:
In recent years, with the proliferation of extended XUnit frameworks and open source test automation tools and frameworks, the boundaries between unit testing and test automation have become somewhat fuzzy - is there still a significant difference between the two? A brief overview of unit testing, with examples, will be included for those not familiar with unit testing. There will also be a discussion of variations in the usage of the terms 'unit testing' and 'test automation'.

  • What is a good Unit Test?
  • nit Test examples
  • Refactoring
  • Unit Test Frameworks
  • Setup and Teardown of Test Environment
  • Unit Testing as Test Automation

Took place on: Wed. May 13 2009 6:30 PM

Attendance: 16

Meeting Notes:
There was discussion re variations in the usage of the term 'unit testing', the benefits of unit testing such as implicit documentation, simplification of integration; 'side effects' like influencing improvement in code design and decoupling of code, facilitating change and refactoring, etc. Other discussion included: the types of limitations of unit testing, including issues such as unit testing not handling integration testing or end-to-end testing, and 'real life' implementation limitations such as typical unit testing being mostly 'happy path' testing. Unit testing fixtures and frameworks were discussed.

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