April 2009 Monthly Meeting Summary

Topic: Automation Scripting Approaches to Testing Java Apps - presentation by Marty Kube, Beaver Creek Consulting

Topic description:
Scripting languages are the tool of choice for test automation. There are several choices of scripting languages/environments available when testing Java apps. We'll compare some methods such as Groovy, JavaScript, Bean Shell, and JavaCC. These approaches differ in the level of complexity needed to setup testing vs. defining specific test cases. This talk will help you find the sweet spot for scripting Java applications.

Marty Kube is a Principal Software Engineer at Beaver Creek Consulting Corp. specializing in enterprise web application development with the JEE stack. Marty's always had a soft spot for test automation and thinks most developers should take testing more seriously.

Took place on: Wed. April 8 2009 6:30 PM

Attendance: 17

Meeting Notes:

The presentation included an overview of scripting and tradeoffs in their use, some discussion of Domain Specific Languages. Marty showed some code examples of, discussed, and compared Groovy, JavaScript, and JavaCC.

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